Welcome & Introduction

International Permaculture Day on the Sunday 5th of May
teaming up with NodoEspiral
to bring you:


A 24 hour live webcast of events, reports and interviews
 from the permaculture community, featuring
leading permaculture designers and bioneers.

Welcome to Grow Local Live!

The theme for International Permaculture Day this year is Grow Local! to highlight the
value of permaculture design for building local resilience. Grow Local! can refer to food,
energy, shelter, fibre, community, economy and so on and
we want to hear from you live on the day
about how you're growing local!

For more about the day and about permaculture, see
 About International Permaculture Day
page, our press release and this article.

How to participate

All you need to participate in Grow Local Live!
is a computer or smartphone with good internet connection 
and a built-in or plug-in camera and microphone.

You can enrol your live events via the Enrol Your Live Event Here
tab. Ideas include reporting from an event that you are attending or hosting,
eld reports,
on the spot interviews and anything else on the theme of 'grow local'.
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