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Join us for International Permaculture Day 2013!

Get ready for International Permaculture Day on Sunday 5th May – join a global day of celebration: See our press release and more about what permaculture is here.

This year’s theme is Grow Local! to highlight the value of permaculture design for building local resilience. Grow Local! can refer to food, energy, shelter, fibre, community, economy and so on; please share how you’re ‘growing local’ with us!

This year we’re also launching Grow Local Live! to act as an 'edge' for amplifying the collective wisdom and know-how of the global permaculture community. Join us and share your ideas, best practises and innovations. Together let’s find local solutions to global problems and visa versa. Let’s Link Global, Act Local.


Organize a Permaculture Day Event

You can organise anything that demonstrates and celebrates the principles of permaculture, from a talk, workshop, permablitz or open garden; to a picnic, festival, performance art or even cake-baking! When you’ve decided on your event, please add it to our Events Calendar, including your country location and a good picture and we'll share your contributions via social media. Promotional materials (in several languages) can be downloaded from our Permaculture Day Media Resources page and don't forget to take photos and videos of your event to share on our Facebook page afterwards:

And submit a LIVE event report!
Decide a time that you can share a live report of your event with us, tell us about it here so we can add it to our Grow Local Live! programme.


Send a Video Report or Article

We’d love to hear about how you’re ‘growing local’ in your part of the world. Please tell us about your environment: the country, place, temperature zone, terrain, etc, and the challenges that you face there. How are you applying permaculture on the ground and what difference is it making? Please share your successes and we’ll share them with the global community. See our guidelines for: Video Reports and Articles.

If we receive your Video Report before 4th of May we will include it in the Grow Local Live programme.


Grow Local! Interviews

Like last year, we’ll be interviewing leading permaculture designers and bioneers and asking them to share their thoughts on ‘grow local’. Just some of the names include:  

David Holmgren, Eric Toensmeier, Penny Livingston, Dave Jacke, Maddy Harland and Geoff Lawton

With contributions from:

Vandana Shiva, Satish Kumar, Rob Hopkins, Helena Norberg Hodge, Polly Higgins, Charles Eisenstein, Joel Salatin and others! 

And this year we will do some of those interviews live! Others will be added as recordings, but all of them will be aired for the first time on Grow Local Live!


Background to the Day

Now in its 4th year, Permaculture Day has grown rapidly from a local Australian initiative to a global day of celebration. The first International Permaculture Day (IPD) in 2012 proved to be a huge success with some 125 events hosted in 26 countries. To read more about the day and take a look at the amazing diversity of celebrations that we had.

This year we’re including a Live edge!
Join us for Grow Local Live Help us make it special, sign up for your 15 minutes of fame!


Join the Permaculture Day Events Team

We're looking for volunteer wizards in social media, video making, copy writing, graphic design, html and web programming, WordPress, public and media relations and more. Please email your list of skills. We're a small and friendly bunch intent on changing the world!

If you have internet live streaming experience or can edit wikis and can help with admin tasks on the day you can join the Grow Local Live! team. Email us at:


Sign up to our Newsletter and other social media to stay in touch. 
Wishing you a great day of celebration!

International Permaculture Day Team


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