00:00 - Helena Norberg-Hodge - Australia

Helena Norberg-Hodge - An Icon for Localization

A true permaculture pioneer
, Helena has been working on re-connecting people with the land, each other, and with the power to re-design their own economies and live more meaningful lives for the last 35 years.

See her documentary "The Economics of Happiness" (trailer here), about the growing worldwide movement for economic localisation.

Also read her essay
: Localisation: An Economics of Personal and Ecological Wellbeing.

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Helena's websites:

Grow Local Live! interview

Helena talks to us about her life's great passions

Grow Local Live! Interview

Towards an Economics of Happiness
Helena's TEDTalk

The film "Learning from Ladakh" 

This is Helena's seminal work, a classic permaculture documentary that explores the often ignored interconnections of "development" that lead to destroying local economy together with eroding happiness and self-sufficiency, as well as the environment & fragile ecosystems & how this affects the inter-generational fabric as well, leading to alienation all round. 

If you haven't seen this documentary yet, celebrate Permaculture Day 
with this great permaculture "golden oldie"