19:00 - Jose L. Zamora - Spain

Grow Local Live! Interview

Jose Lorenzo Zamora - A young EcoVillage Builder
in Spain (Canaries) 

Jose is, at 20yrs old, the youngest member & share-holder in the 8thLife EcoVillage project in LaPalma, Canary Islands. 

Jose is a Systems Engineer & Integral Permaculture action-learner.

In the EcoVillage project he is responsible for all the animal systems (sheep, chickens, ducks, guinea-pigs & fish so far), and also work as administrator for the Nodo Espiral of the Permaculture Academy, president of the Gaia Tasiri Association, activist for Transition La Palma & volunteer for Deep Green Resistance.

During March-April 2013 he helped design, run and translate the EcoNova Conferences & is part of the small team that is bringing you this 24hour permaculture multimedia event for International Permaculture Day.


The above is his interview for International Permaculture Day 2013
in which he talks about his trajectory from a disillusioned university student at 18,
despondent about the possibility of doing anything useful or satisfying in his future,
to finding hope
and meaning when he discovered permaculture, which he now lives full-time.