02:00 - Kerrie Oakes - Australia

Grow Local Live! Interview

Kerrie is a member of the Satchitananda Artisans & Jose interviewed her just before their event.

Harlin Qld, Australia    www.satchitananda.net.au      Facebook Event here
The day is a gathering of members of the Satchitananda Artisans - who share an interest in living as sustainably and self-sufficiently as possible.

Artisans regularly get together to share skills and new products that they experimenting with. 

Most of the Artisans live in urban areas of Brisbane and are converting their backyards into vegetable gardens, chicken refuges, urban food forests and mini food markets. 

Satchitananda - as a demonstration site - is where much experimentation occurs.
This day will be the launch of the new product range featuring home-grown and made produce.

We also asked Kerrie about ducks... 

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Satchitananda Food Forest Walk

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Following the Artisan Fest

Following the Artisan Fest