23:00 - Mike Grenville - UK

Grow Local Live! Interview

Mike Grenville is the Editor of the Transition Network Newsletter, Co-editor of Transition Free Press - see below - and founder of Transition Forest Row.

Here's some more information about Mike's work including his Growl Local Live! reports for us:

Transition Free Press is a new national tabloid newspaper. 

It is run as a a pilot for four issues during 2013, starting on 1 February. 

The 24-page edition will follow the blueprint of the preview issue and contain a mix of news, reviews and features, dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, food, well-being,  the arts, cartoons, sport and a unique Transition agony column.

This is Mike's website for Funeral Celebrants

(if not quite ready when you visit, will be live soon)

Give Bees a Chance
A short (pre-recorded) video beside my bee hive, the value of being a bee guardian rather than a keeper plus a few words about the EU vote last week to ban Neonics. 

Introducing our bees on International Permaculture Day 2013

A few words about our bees, the ban on neonics and 
a bee keepers song for Permaculture Day 2013. 

Transition Forest Row: http://transitionforestrow.org
More info on the campaign to ban neonics: http://ejfoundation.org/bees/ban_neonics

Children's Allotment project - Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row

Outline of the Children's allotment project on Tablehurst Farm, Forest Row. 
Introduced by Selma Moncrief and Peter Brinch. 
Transition Forest Row: http://transitionforestrow.org

Launched on 5 May 2013 - International Permaculture Day