16:30 - Narsanna Koppula - India

Grow Local Live! Interview

Interview with Narsanna Koppula, of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives
Hyderabad, India

Narsanna Koppula is an inspiring permaculture pioneer in India, working since 1986 as a Permaculture Designer Practitioner, Teacher, Campaigner, Resource Person & Consultant of permaculture practices all over the world is a nature lover, environmentalist and humanitarian worker for the empowerment of rural communities. 

Forest being his first love, believes forest is the future and he spreads his message through his child " Aranya Agricultural alternatives" a non profit organization operational presently in tribal areas of Adilabad, also in certain rural areas of Zaheerabad, Sangareddy in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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Working with grassroots level communities since two decades, he is committed to the vision of achieving ecological and sustainable agricultural livelihoods through permaculture farming practices for a green globe.

Where he tells us about his realization, during nearly 3 decades of permaculture work, of the critical importance of growing communities, of empowering women, of ensuring people have the resources they need to self-organize.   His wife Padmakoppua joins us at the end of the interview & tells us a little of the work she's been doing along the same lines, ensuring children are well-nourished, as a base of social well-being.

The website for their organization, Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, is www.permacultureindia.com

India Permaculture Pioneer - Narsanna Koppula of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives

ARANYA is a Sanskrit word, which actually means Forest. 
Ancient Indian mythology considered forest as the homeland for all life forms. 
The forest is defined as a sustainable energy generating system, performing a vital role
in maintaining ecological balance as one of the main ecosystems. 
ARANYA (The Forest) is also the source and guiding principle of agriculture.
It is a self-regulating process, with abilities to sustain the present and the future. 
Therefore the organization was christened ARANYA AGRICULTURAL ALTERNATIVES (ARANYA) to encapsulate the regeneration philosophy of the age old Indian tradition and culture.

An Interview with Indian Permaculture Pioneer
Narsanna Koppula of Aranya Agricultural Alternatives

Filmed at Abbey Physic Community Garden, Faversham, Kent, May 2012

Narsanna Koppula May 2012