07:00 - Pavlos Georgiadis - Greece

Grow Local Live! Interview

Farming On Crisis? 
Pavlos Georgiadis of the Slow Food Youth Network

Pavlos Georgiadis is an ethnobotanist, author and organic olive grower. 

He is an important member of the international Slow Food Youth Network and leader of the convivium Slow Food Thrace in Greece. 

The network brings together young people with a passion for good, clean and fair food, who envision a change in the way our food is produced and appreciated.

Pavlos works to inspire and communicate the profound return of young Greeks to the countryside, in search of ways out of the economic crisis.

With his award-winning video blog and short doc "Farming on Crisis?", the untold story of the Greek countryside unfolds through his journey across the country. 

By uncovering the stories of young farmers and the prospects of revamping the economy through sustainable rural development, the film aims to build a bridge between the small and the large; the urban and the rural; the local with the global. 

The project uses the case of Greece in order to touch urgent global challenges like food security, the environment and the future of our food.