01:00 - Sean Kaminsky - US

Grow Local Live! Interview

Interview with Sean Kaminsky - Director of 'Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds'

Sean Kaminsky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and writer. The body of Sean's work has tackled a broad range of urgent topics -- from social to political -- while telling impactful stories that engage and entertain.  He is the director of the forthcoming 'Open Sesame - The Story of Seeds'.

Open Sesame! takes an energizing and entertaining look at the threat to seed sovereignty and the plundering of our genetic commons. 

In the process we meet a fascinating range of subjects ranging from farmers, to artists to activists whose lives and/or livelihoods revolve around seed. 

We also hear from a diverse range of thinkers and renegade philosophers who offer seldom-heard solutions and ways forward for the future.

Contact Sean if you're a permaculture practitioner with a passion for seeds and would like to be
interviewed for his Open Sesame film: opensesameproject@gmail.com.

The trailer for Open Sesame