09:00 - Sergio Álvarez - Spain

Grow Local Live! Interview

Traducido desde el español

Interview with the Founder of Planeta Finito:
Sergio Álvarez de Neyra Pueyo, in Málaga, Spain

Sergio was already a committed social justice activist before studying permaculture and soon after doing his certificate course with NodoEspiral of the permaculture academy, he helped set up a complementary currency in the town of A Coruña (northern Spain) where he lived. He then participated in an early pilot of EcoBusiness incubator (now evolved into the EcoEconomy ActionLearning Course) which helped him get his eco-business off the ground, Planeta Finito (Finite Planet), an online shop of hard-to-find permaculture publications (especially of the People-Care side of things)which also sells ecological menstrual products.

And... Integral Permi Men speak about Feminism

What is feminism and what has it got to do with permaculture?  

What do feminist men think and do, as feminist men, and why?
Jose puts these and more questions to Sergio...

Sergio has worked with men on sexism awareness and this is something that motivates him in his work, so Jose interviewed him about it.

Is this the first ever Feminist men and
Permaculture recorded interview?

Planeta Finito Tienda online + Red Copa de Luna Alternativas para una menstruación
más ecológica, saludable, económica y consciente

Sergio is also the Secretary of the Gaia Tasiri Association,
an NGO which supports several permaculture projects.