23:30 - Stella Strega - Spain

Grow Local Live! Interview

Stella Strega is a permaculture designer and social activist working and living in La Palma, Spain. She is founder of many leading edge initiatives including NodoEspiral, International Permaculture Day's Grow local Live! partner.
NodoEspiral provides many online free events like the recent EcoNova Conferences that united 12 
EcoEconomy activists to talk about solutions and new models for creating a more just and sustainable world. See her interview above. The Interview is available as a downloadable audio here and in YouTube here: http://youtu.be/yGwajWP_5Y0. You can still participate for free in the conferences until September 2013, by following enrollment instructions in www.en.EcoInversion.net

Stella's links:

EcoVillage builder with www.8thLife.net
Permaculture Teacher with www.NodoEspiral.net
Editor of Integral PCManual www.PermaCultureScience.com
Transition Activist with www.bit.ly/TransiciónLaPalma
Profile in the Chaordic PC Institute http://permacultureinstitute.pbworks.com/Stella
"Woman of the Week" on Wiser.org: Audio & Video

EcoNova Conference

Evolutionizing a Citizen-Scale Economy, April 2013


 The EcoNova Conference consisted of a series of free live online conferences during April 2013, about the most promising & dynamic models of the new economy that are emerging, and what is needed now for us to radically change how we live. 

 We asked 12 pioneering & visionary people who have been working for decades in various practical aspects of the new economic paradigm, what are the 5 things they consider most important that we need to do in order to change the economy

 The interviews were translated to english & spanish simultaneously, & are kept as recordings for the people who couldn't attend live, in the Wiser.org group (the Facebook-like social network for social activists)

You're invited to enjoy & learn all you can
with this great resource that is available for you!