Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village activities (BAFUT) 

Report by Joshua Konkankoh, Director of Betterworld Cameroon

Betterworld Cameroon International Permaculture Day Workshop Report

As part of activities marking International Permaculture Day, Better World Cameroon BWC organized a youth/women training workshop in North West Association of Development Organizations NWADO, on 2nd May, 2013 to aggregate local lessons and experiences into common solutions for youth employment and climate change adaptation. Young farmers, agric experts and heads of civil society organization discussed recent advancement in food production, shared information on targets ecological actions in the North West Region that provide opportunities for addressing youth entrepreneurship, food sovereignty in the region and identified how to scale up Eco-villages based adaptation practices for more information

The occasion also served to convene stakeholders of Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village NPE in Bafut, North West Region to connect, to share, to celebrate, to cooperate, to learn, to support, to dream and act as a single community that speaks with the same voice. For BWC the greatest joy in life is sharing.

The workshop provided a forum for youth/ women leaders to discuss and reflect on the issue of youth unemployment in Cameroon. Our Permaculture programme initiated in 2006 has created a social change movement of youth working to trace the sustainable and inclusive future for agriculture in Cameroon.

NPE Voices of the Youth

Answering big questions about the type of approaches needed by Cameroon to meet future food challenges.
The participants resolved to:
  •  adopt a complete shift towards beyond 2015 reflection on sustainable development goals (SDGs ), they committed to work with NPE to make it a multipurpose platform for tropical Permaculture that will provide cross cutting benefits to sustainable agriculture and youth development in Cameroon.
  •  carry out a climate change campaign and advocate for measures and best practices that support young farmers to producing enough food to meet people’s nutritional future needs and also preserve ecosystems from degradation; for example preventing soil erosion, water, nutrients and pollinators in small holder landscapes in Cameroon.
  •  Promote NPE as a Permaculture training and demonstration site for harnessing an Eco system based approach for food sovereignty and developing green jobs for youth employment.
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Ndanifor Permaculture Eco Village is a member of the Global Eco Village Network Cameroon initiated by Betterworld Cameroon:

Further project report to follow