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Master beekeeper Debra Roberts is offering three
workshops on Natural Beekeeping

Natural Beekeeping for BEEginners

"Come explore natural beekeeping, honeybee basics, hive equipment and tools, start-up costs, what “organic” beekeeping really means, how to get in and out of a hive successfully, and good stewardship practices. 

Session tailored for BEEginners with no or very little experience." 

"Hello from Turkey! Here are the new, happy natural beekeepers from of Istanbul, after completing a natural beekeeping workshop with Debra Roberts. Happy International Permaculture Day!!!"

The Grow Local Live! Team briefly connected LIVE with the bee-keeping workshop to celebrate International Permaculture Day! Debra Roberts, by the way, was dressed up as a bee, wearing antennae...

Istanbul - EKO-PER Sancaktepe Fest

Organised by Didi TheSnail
Photos: Permaculture Day 2013 : Sancaktepe Fest!

We celebrated today in Istanbul :) In our school project 'EKO-PER', we have 2 school gardens and one of them was the place for this Fest!!! During the day nearly 200 pupils came & we made seed bombs, raised beds and planted shrubs for our Food Forest :)))